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Caring Institute Award Caring Award Recipient 2015 - GLORIA HONORED AS 2015 CARING AWARD WINNER - We celebrate the remarkable news that our founder and inspiration, Gloria Lewis, will receive the prestigious Caring Institute Award at a ceremony also honoring Pope Francis. It was officially announced by Senators Bob Dole and Tom Daschle, Co-Chairs of the Caring Institute based in Washington, DC, that Gloria will be one of [...]
A Filmmaker Finds Gloria In Action - GLORIA LEWIS TO APPEAR IN MAJOR DOCUMENTARY FILM - "Two days ago we met Gloria Lewis," wrote Rotimi Rainwater in May 2015 after filming Gloria for his feature-length documentary, Lost in America. "A small firecracker of a woman in her 50's from Barbados, now working as a waitress in Fort Lauderdale, [she] is doing more for the [...]

How People In South Florida Live On $4 A Day In Food Stamps -Florida is among the top 10 states with the largest share of its population relying on food stamps. Nearly 20 percent of the state requires assistance. However, with federal cuts to the program likely, many could find it even more difficult in South Florida, where the cost of food is above the national average.



Homeless Mother Of Five In Need Of Permanent Home MIAMI (CBS Miami) – It’s a place Michelle McCray never imagined she’d find herself.The mother of five children is homeless and is cut off from financial help after the                                               father of her youngest child was killed. “I’ve been                                                   trying to find work, but it’s hard for me. Especially                                                 with 5 kids and my disabled mom,” said McCray.

Reaching out to homeless: small kindnesses abound  Gloria Lewis’ meals are distributed to a line of hungry people in downtown Fort Lauderdale. GLORIA LEWIS hey start with a prayer: “We ask that you show us theway.” Then a car trunk opens full of 80 clamshell foam boxes, each with “God Bless” and a smiley face inked on top. For the past nine months,                                           Gloria Lewis and her husband, Antonio Vargas, have                                        been feeding the homeless each

Florida Grandmother Makes Over 75,000 Dinners for the Homeless: It’s ‘God’s Purpose FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Fox News)  A kindhearted waitress whips up fresh meals for the homeless in her                                                                  community and says she has dished out 75,000                                                   dinners from her own kitchen.

Woman Makes Meals For BSO Deputies To Show Her Appreciation In Tough Times 
BROWARD (CBSMiami) – Gloria Lewis is dedicated to preparing food. She does this weekly, making as many as 300 hundred meals for the homeless.On Thursday, her                                                                mission was still cooking related.                                                                              But this time, the meals were for the men and                                                        women who protect the community.

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