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Caring Institute Award Caring Award Recipient 2015- GLORIA HONORED AS 2015 CARING AWARD WINNER - We celebrate the remarkable news that our founder and inspiration, Gloria Lewis, will receive the prestigious Caring Institute Award at a ceremony also honoring Pope Francis. It was officially announced by Senators Bob Dole and Tom Daschle, Co-Chairs of the Caring Institute based in Washington, DC, that Gloria will be one of [...]
A Filmmaker Finds Gloria In Action- GLORIA LEWIS TO APPEAR IN MAJOR DOCUMENTARY FILM - "Two days ago we met Gloria Lewis," wrote Rotimi Rainwater in May 2015 after filming Gloria for his feature-length documentary, Lost in America. "A small firecracker of a woman in her 50's from Barbados, now working as a waitress in Fort Lauderdale, [she] is doing more for the [...]

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