Our Mission

Every Sunday, we bring nourishing food, clothing, and care to the homeless in Broward County, Florida. With the help of friends, volunteers, religious leaders, and organizations who partner with us in caring for the needy, were making a difference one person at a time.

At the heart of our foundation is Gloria Lewis, who exemplifies the power of caring. In the past 10 years alone, Gloria, her husband, and son have prepared more than 225000.00 meals for our homeless brothers and sisters living on the streets of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Gloria and her family use all of their limited resources, including tips from Gloria’s job as a waitress & donors to serve and care for those in need.

Gloria’s indomitable spirit and faith in God have allowed her to move mountains in the lives of those in need, mountains that would seem insurmountable if not for selflessness and grace. As mountains move, as grace takes root in action, many compassionate people are being inspired to support, increase, and sustain Gloria’s impactful mission. A generous seed grant from the Byers Foundation has enabled us to establish CARE IN ACTION USA, a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit foundation built upon Gloria’s caring efforts. CARE IN ACTION USA will advance the cause of the homeless with an exciting vision for the future.

As a caring organization, we aspire to proactively engage the community and to create a quality humanitarian center in the heart of Broward County similar to Chapman Partnership of Miami. Our humanitarian center will offer individuals healthy meals, a safe and clean place to shower and store belongings, and personalized support services focused on helping individuals find permanent jobs and sustainable housing. Unique to CARE IN ACTION USA, a progressive Life Skills Discipleship Program will offer a limited number of individuals apprenticeship to Gloria and her team, opportunities for education, the potential for temporary residency, and progressive opportunities to practice sacrificial living and give back to others in kind. The long-term vision of CARE IN ACTION USA is to establish and oversee similar facilities in other urban centers across the United States.

We are honored to team with partner organizations, locally and nationally, and we welcome volunteers.

With your help, we can weaken the grip of poverty and break the vicious cycle of homelessness in our communities. Our mission will require substantial financial support from corporations, individuals, and the community at large, in addition to outreach and participation. Your help is needed. Together we can make a substantive difference for those in greatest need.

Let us not love with words and speech but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Our Leadership

CARE IN ACTION USA draws strength from the business, fundraising, and philanthropic experiences of our founding leaders. We are united by our heart for serving the homeless and see CARE IN ACTION USA as a beacon of hope. Partnering with Founder and Executive Director Gloria Lewis, Dennis Rice serves as President of CARE IN ACTION USA. Dennis brings a well-honed business acumen, years of experience as a leader in the Jewish community, and volunteer experience with multiple organizations including Chapman Partnership. Our Board Chairman, Bob Byers, Sr., has contributed to the National Advisory Board of The Salvation Army for the past 18 years as one of only 5 originating Life Members to have served all successive years. Additional board members have backgrounds in non-for-profit institutions, the arts, higher education, and charitable organizations at all aspects of growth and development.

Even a small donation goes a long way. When on the PayPal donation page, please consider checking the box to make your support a recurring monthly donation.
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