CARE IN ACTION USA strives to feed and clothe the homeless while providing opportunities for betterment.
Led by Gloria Lewis, who has dedicated her life to serving others, our initial endeavor is to bring sustaining care to individuals in Broward County and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Congratulations to Gloria Lewis

A 2015 recipient of the prestigious Caring Award.
The Caring Institute is honoring Gloria for her selfless outreach to the homeless and needy in Broward County, Florida, in anticipation of the great work yet to be done.

Gloria's Story

Imagine if Gloria had known the heartbreak and struggle she would face after leaving Barbados.  A 22 year old girl, in love with an American horse jockey and drawn to the American dream, Gloria came to the United States in 1987—only to end up battered and alone, without food or a safe place to sleep, more than 1,400 nautical miles from family.

Credit: Lost in America by Rotimi Rainwater

Support Now

There are many ways to help CARE IN ACTION USA meet our goals and impact lives. Monetary donations, clothing, and a small amount of your time are just a few.

Visit our Support page to learn more.

The scene is set in the Caribbean, where a young woman of humble upbringing has caught the eye of an American Young Man, who ignited her imagination with stories of American Dreams. This wasn’t the first time she had heard wonderful stories about America; she had seen the American TV shows and heard these wonderful stories throughout her entire young life. Like almost everyone on the small island of Barbados, at that time, she had learned to admire America; so when this young man offered her a life of ‘Milk and Honey’, full of excitement and wonder, in a new world, where all of her dreams could come true; it was easy to say yes.