Gloria Lewis is pleased to announce this ambitious project which the Lord our God has placed upon her heart.

For far too long the government has underserved and thus undermined the homeless population of this country.  Entitlement reform is desperately needed in order to save both the displaced and the taxpayers from yet another socio-economic crisis.  Government sponsored social programs have thus far served as merely a temporary measure and one that has become a burden upon the taxpayers and a trap for the downtrodden.

There is a better way to address this quandary by developing medium/long-term oases for the homeless which will prove to be unlike any “shelters” currently in existence or under construction as well as more cost-effective.  These facilities will provide realistic and demonstrable services and solutions via a non-profit model to remedy the current carnage and lives  decaying before the very eyes of the public on a daily basis.

Charity and guidance were both designed and destined to begin with the family… and when necessary, the church, with the last resort being the federal, state and local government.  Services and funding offered by the latter provide either short-term stays or long-term traps that are often passed on from one generation to the next.  There are over 300 verses in the Bible guiding us to feed the poor and shelter the needy… but somewhere along the way this sense of purpose, obedience and hospitality has all but vanished.

The humanitarian centers that Care In Action USA is planning will be communities for the broken in spirit akin to a hospital for the injured. Clients will be provided with meals, clothing, showers and private rooms.  In addition classes will be offered on addiction, child-rearing for parents and employment education in order to rehabilitate guests for re-entry into society. Bible studies, barber/salon services, a convenience store and bus service will also be available on-site. These centers will have caring, compassionate staff whose collective purpose is to be a part of God’s repair of those who have been socially ostracized.

Jesus said, “the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”  It was a statement He made to a man who volunteered to follow Him in hopes of escaping from responsibility. Unlike foxes and birds that withdraw to their dens and nests for rest, Jesus said there was no place for Him to rest from His responsibilities. Jesus was on His last journey to Jerusalem to be crucified and He and His disciples had just been refused hospitality by a Samaritan village. If this would-be disciple wanted to escape responsibility, Jesus wanted him to know, he would not find that following Him.

We are appealing to your sense of charity and trust in God to join us in this quest to truly make a difference both in the lives of the homeless as well as contributing to profound social change.  In 2020 Care In Action the USA intends to meet and collaborate with donors, developers, and local officials in the cities most affected by this epidemic. Those working with our charity have dedicated their lives to assisting the impoverished and with your help, we can overcome this mishandled and misunderstood calamity.

Thank you.

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