How You Can Help

Every week, CARE IN ACTION USA feeds 175-200 homeless individuals of Broward County, and the need for your support and prayers is great. Please pray for us. And please consider how you might be able to help with our mission.

We will be kicking off a capital campaign to support our mission of care and compassion in the coming months. Our long-term vision is to build a multi-purpose humanitarian center to serve the community of Broward County, enabling us to empower individuals with opportunities for betterment and transforming hope.

Financial contributions of all sizes impact our ability to serve the homeless starting with the very food we purchase, cook, and serve. When on the PayPal Donation page, please consider making your donation a recurring monthly contribution.


Donations of clothing and canned goods are also of great benefit to our team. Please contact us with and let us know what you’d like to donate and we will be in touch.
Your energy, effort, and time can go a long way to support our ability to care for those in need. As CARE IN ACTION USA grows, there will be many ways to put your unique experiences, background, and style of caring to good use for our community. We’d be happy to speak with you about your interest in volunteering and our needs.
We’re so blessed by the relationships we’re building not only with caring individuals but also corporations, business leaders, religious organizations, and like-minded homeless advocacy groups. We are stronger as a united team and we welcome creative opportunities to collaborate for the good of our brothers and sisters living on the streets. In specific, partnerships provide targeted financial support for projects related to our capital campaign and critically needed leads and opportunities for low-income and sustainable housing, apprenticeships, and employment.

With your donation, we will provide those who are homeless or in need of assistance with food, clothing and an opportunity to better themselves.

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