We celebrate the remarkable news that our founder and inspiration, Gloria Lewis, will receive the prestigious Caring Institute Award at a ceremony also honoring Pope Francis. It was officially announced by Senators Bob Dole and Tom Daschle, Co-Chairs of the Caring Institute based in Washington, DC, that Gloria will be one of six adult recipients of the 2015 Caring Award.

Caring Award Angel

The Caring Award Angel

The Caring Institute was especially moved by the efforts of Gloria, her husband, and her son, in taking care of the needy and poor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Called a “stalwart of compassion for those in greatest need,” Gloria is being recognized for “treating the homeless like family.” Gloria will be inducted into the Caring Hall of Fame on Friday, October 30th, as part of the 30th annual National Caring Awards humanitarian recognition program.

In addition to Gloria Lewis and Pope Francis, other notable recipients of the 2015 Caring Award are Dikembe Mutombo, former NBA star who has dedicated himself to assisting his homeland of the Congo in the fight against polio, and Congressman Jim Langevin who has transcended personal hardship to improve the welfare of others. Last year’s Caring Award recipients include President Bill Clinton, Lonnie and Muhammad Ali, and Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and astronaut Mark Kelly, among others.

The Caring Institute promotes and encourages work of love and compassion on a local and global scale. Founded by Val J. Halamandaris, a friend of Mother Teresa, the Institute publicly honors individuals who “transcend self and devote their lives to serving others, especially the disadvantaged, poor, disabled, and dying.” Caring Award recipients demonstrate to us all how one serves by practicing love, how to give back to society, and how we all can put care in action.

For more information on the Caring Awards, please visit The Caring Institute’s website.

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